Where is the integral coach factory situated?

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Hint: It is a premier production unit under the Ministry of Railways. It is the first production after independence leading to an integral railway passenger coach. Comfort, speed, and safety are their main hallmarks. It looks for the passengers’ comfort level and brings changes according to it.

Complete answer:
Integral Coach Factory (ICF) is a production unit of railway coaches situated in Perambur, Tamil Nadu. ICF was established iN 1955. The Integral Coach Factory is owned and operated by the Indian Railways. ICF is one of the foremost production units of independent India. There is a steady growth both in the quality and quantity of its production. For many years the ICF has achieved to meet passengers’ expectations through various innovations. The innovations brought by ICF include:

1.Cushioned seats in General Second Class and Seating-cum-luggage coaches
2.Provision of Discharge Toilet Systems
3.Anti-injury features in the passenger areas of A/C and Sleeper coaches
4.Enhanced carrying capacity in A/C second and First A/C
5.Provision of forced ventilation
6.Union Internationale des chemins de fer (UIC) vestibules in mainline coaches
7.Disabled friendly features in SLRD/SRD coaches (unreserved coaches)
8.Modular toilets in passenger coaches
9.Stainless steel paneling and handholds in electric multiple units.
10.Provision of electronic system and cell phone charging points in passenger coaches.
11.Use of stainless steel in Pantry Cars.
12.ICF is meeting the needs of Indian Railways for various types of coaches, it includes:
13.Self-propelled coaches
14.Electric multiple units for suburban services
15.Diesel rail cars
16.Metro coaches
17.Accident relief trains
18.Air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned passenger coaches
19.Air-conditioned sleeper coaches of first and second class
20.Air-conditioned chair cars
21.Double-decker coaches (148 passengers)
22.Non-air-conditioned sleeper coaches
23.Special coaches
24.Air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned pantry cars
25.High capacity power cars
26.Air-conditioned military ward
Integral Coach Factory has the motto of providing better travel with single-minded devotion. These coaches are custom built to delight the individual.

Hence, the correct answer is option (C).

Note:The Integrated Coach Factory is one of the three rake production units of the Indian Railways. The other two include the Modern coach factory and rail coach factory. ICF was inaugurated by the first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on 2 October 1955.