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In which year was the title of Governor general changed to that of the Viceroy?
A) 1858
B) 1861
C) 1878
D) 1885

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Hint: The first war of Independence had a great political, social and economical impact on the British India and also led to change of title from Governor general to that of the Viceroy.

Complete answer:
In 1858 the title of Governor general was changed to that of the Viceroy.
After the revolt of 1857, India came under the direct control of the british crown. In August 1858, the British Parliament enacted the government of India Act, 1858 that terminated the rule of East India company and the british governor general of India was now given the title of viceroy which meant the representative of Monarch. The court of directors selected the secretary of State for India, a member of the Cabinet who bore the responsibility for instructing him on the exercise of his powers. Lord Canning became the first viceroy who was appointed by the british government under the advice of Parliament. The british provinces of India that were: Punjab, Bengal , Bombay, Madras, United Provinces and many more which were held in the name of british crown were now governed by the viceroy.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A).

Note: The role of Viceroy and Governor general became one with the Viceroy having diplomatic authority and reporting directly to the british crown. Some of the Viceroys of India are as follows: Lord Canning, Lord Elgin I, Sir John Lawrence, Lord Mayo, Lord Northbrook, Lord Lytton, Lord Ripon, Lord Dufferin, Lord Landsowne, Lord Elgin II, Lord Curzon, and many more. The last viceroy of India was Lord Mountbattan.