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In which states of India are mango showers common? What is their importance?

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Hint: Mango showers, sometimes known as Mango Rains or Blossom Showers, is a colloquial word for pre-monsoon rainfall. They generally happen between March and May, just before the monsoon arrives in India. As a result, they're also known as the April Showers.

Complete answer:
The term "mango showers" refers to the occurrence of pre-monsoon rainfall. These rains are sometimes referred to as "April rains" or "summer showers." They're found all over South and Southeast Asia, including India and Cambodia. Because the rains govern crops that are culturally valuable, such as mangoes and coffee, these rains have a substantial impact on human activities throughout southern Asia.

Pre-monsoon showers are typical near the end of the summer season, notably in Kerala, Karnataka, and parts of Tamil Nadu in India. They are often referred to as "Mango showers" because they aid in the early ripening of mangoes.

These rains are most common from March to April, yet their onset might be unpredictable. They can range in strength from small showers to powerful, long-lasting thunderstorms. Mango showers occur in India as a result of thunderstorms developing over the Bay of Bengal. In Bengal, they are known as 'Kaal Baisakhi,' in Assam as Bordoisila, and in Kerala as Cherry Blossom Showers or Coffee Showers.

Importance of Mango shower -
- Pre-monsoon showers known as mango showers are widespread in the Indian states of Karnataka and Kerala.
- Typically, these showers occur near the end of the summer season.
- The mangoes benefit from the rains because they ripen faster. As a result, these rains are commonly referred to as "Mango Showers."

In Kerala and Karnataka, mango showers are widespread. The early ripening of mangoes is aided by these showers.

Note: Blossom Shower, Loo, and Nor Westers (This storm in Assam are known as ‘Bardoli Chheerha.') are three other local storms that occur throughout the hot weather season, in addition to Mango showers.