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In which one of the following, the genus name, its characters and its class/ phylum are correctly matched?
S. No. Genus Name CharacteristicsClass/Phylum
Ascaris Body segmented Males and females distinctAnnelida
Salamandra A tympanum covers middle earInternal fertilizationAmphibia
Pteropus Skin possesses hair oviparousMammalia
Aurelia CnidoblastOrgan level of organisationCoelenterata

A) a
B) b
C) a
D) d

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Hint:Salamandra have the special character of having moist skin through which they respire and have a double-channeled hearing system. Aurelia have Cnidoblast and organ level of organisation.

Complete answer:
Classification is the study and process of differentiating different organisms on the bases of their characters, behaviour and abilities. This is also known as taxonomy. It helps a lot in finding out organisms of specific characters to be used in industrial applications and in research proposes.

Ascaris is the genus of most of the parasitic worms which live in the stomach of the humans and their eggs can be found in the fecal of the infected persons. Ascaris belongs to the phylum Aschelminthes and the body segmentation is absent in these. Thus, option ‘A’ is not correct.

Pteropus are the largest flying foxes with large sized wings observed all over the world. They belong to phylum chordata and they are viviparous. Thus, option ‘C’ is also incorrect.

Aurelia is the genus belonging to phylum Cnidaria so this option is also not correct.
Salamandra belongs to the class Amphibia and they are vertebrates having the ability of living in water as well as on land. They have an internal fertilisation system. Thus, this option is correct.

Hence the correct answer is option ‘B’.

Note:These eggs Ascaris can grow in the soil and then infect another person through direct contact with contaminated soil. The person eats contaminated fruit or vegetables which are not properly cooked or washed or peeled.