In the Gurukula system, Students lived with the teacher?
A. True
B. False

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Hint: The Gurus train their understudies with contemplations, yogas, and different norms in the Gurukula system. The understudies assemble there and take in Vedas from their Guru.

Complete step by step answer:
During the Later Vedic period, when a kid achieved 7 years old, he was shipped off the place of the master, for example, the gurukul. He lived there till he accomplished the age of 25 years. Gurukuls were commonly arranged in the profound piece of backwoods. The master dealt with understudies like his own youngsters, and the understudies were to deal with the master like their otherworldly dad. They were relied upon to lead a straightforward and restrained life and aided the master in family tasks, for example, cleaning, drawing water from the well, gathering wood, and working in the fields. In examinations, they remembered exercises that were granted to them orally. After the finish of their schooling, the understudies paid the master Dakshina or expenses as indicated by their capacity.
The understudies were dealt with similarly independent of their social standards. The Guru alludes to the expert or an instructor. The gurukulam framework picked up another convention known as Guru-shishya custom. The instructor is called a Guru and the understudies are called Shisyas.
So, the correct answer is Option A.

Note: The Gurukul was a sort of school in the old instruction framework. The gurukul framework is an antiquated learning technique. Gurukulam has existed since the Vedic age. Their primary proverb is to build up the information and they were exceptionally centered around training.