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In a half wave rectifier circuit shown. Which one of the following waveform is true for \[{{V}_{{}}}\] , the output across C and D?
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Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint: We know that a device that converts AC to DC is called a rectifier. A diode or group of diodes are generally used for this purpose. A half rectifier only uses one diode. We know that diodes only allow unidirectional flow of current.

Complete solution Step by Step:
We know that a device that converts AC signals to DC signals is called a rectifier. Half wave rectifier uses only a single diode for working. A half wave rectifier is the simplest form of rectifier. A half wave rectifier system is composed of the following parts:-
$(i)$ A transformer
$(ii)$ A diode
$\left( iii \right)$ A resistive load.
Half wave rectifier rectifies only half of the input ac signal and blocks the second half.
Therefore, from the figures given above only the following is correct:-
seo images

Hence, option $(B)$ is correct.

Additional Information:
During the process of conversion of AC signal into DC signal, a high value of AC voltage is applied to the primary side of the step down transformer and the low voltage is produced at the secondary winding which is applied to the diode. During this first half cycle diode is in forward biased and during the negative half cycle and diode is in reversed biased and flow of current is blocked.

We should always remember the fact that a half wave rectifier only allows half cycle of AC voltage waveform to pass but the next half cycle is blocked. Full wave rectifier uses multiple diodes. It only allows flow of current in one direction.