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Immature Banyan fruit is a
A. Hypanthodium Inflorescence
B. Capsule
C. Samara
D. Berry

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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Hint: Banyan plant begins its life as an epiphyte that is it grows on the other plants or in the cracks of the walls or rocks. The plants are characterised by stilt roots which provide additional support to the plant.

Complete answer –
In this question, we are asked about the fruit of the Banyan plant. The fruits are red and fleshy which are eaten for its medicinal property. The immature fruit shows hypanthodium inflorescence in which the receptacle is a hollow cavity and has an opening at the apical end which are guarded by scales. The unisexual flowers develop. The male flower develops at the apical pore and the female develops at the base. The mature fruit of Banyan resembles the fruit of fig.
Capsule- It is the most common type of fruit. It is a type of simple, dry fruit. It splits open to release seeds. The chamber within the fruit is called the locule. It consists of 2 or more carpels. Ex- Cotton.
Samara- It is a simple dry and indehiscent fruit. It consists of flattened wings which helps it to be carried away by the wind. Ex- Maple.
Berry- Berry is a small, edible and pulpy fruit which consist of seed and fruit produced from the single ovary of a flower. Ex- blueberries, raspberries.

The correct answer is option A.

Note –
The mature banyan fruits are in the form of syconium. It provides shelter and food for the wasps. The wasps in turn help in pollinating the plant. The dispersal of the seed takes place by the frugivore birds.