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If a letter of English alphabet is chosen at random, then the probability that the letter is a consonant is:
A. $\dfrac{5}{{26}}$
B. $\dfrac{{21}}{{26}}$
C. $\dfrac{{10}}{{13}}$
D. $\dfrac{{11}}{{13}}$

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Hint: In this question use this concept that the total number of English alphabets are twenty six out of them five are vowels and the rest twenty one are consonants.

Complete step-by-step answer:

Since total alphabets $ = 26$
Vowels $ = 5$
Number of consonant $ = 26 - 5 = 21$
As we know that ${\text{Probability}} = \dfrac{{{\text{Number of favourable outcome}}}}{{{\text{Number of total outcome}}}}$
Number of favorable outcome is the number of consonants $ = 21$
Number of total outcome $ = 26$
Therefore the probability that letter is a consonant $ = \dfrac{{21}}{{26}}$
Hence the correct option is B.

Note: In this question we applied the probability formula according to which probability of anything is calculated as the number of favorable outcome divided by total number of outcome since in this question our favorable outcome is a consonant and as we know that there are twenty one consonants, hence we applied the values and got the required result.