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Hybridization of $Xe{O_3}$ molecule is?
A: $sp$
B: $s{p^3}$
C: $s{p^2}$
D: None

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Hint: Hybridization is the concept of mixing atomic orbitals into new hybrid orbitals. These hybrid orbitals have different energies and shapes than the orbitals which are used to make these hybrid orbitals.

Complete step by step answer:
$Xe{O_3}$ is xenon trioxide. In this question we have to find a hybridization of $Xe{O_3}$ molecule. Hybridization is intermixing of orbitals to form new hybrid orbitals. Xenon has a total eight electrons in its outermost shell. Structure of $Xe{O_3}$ molecule is shown below:

As we know there are a total eight electrons in the outermost shell of xenon. Out of these eight electrons six electrons are used in making bonds with three oxygen atoms. So the remaining two electrons are present as lone pairs on the xenon atom. This means there are a total three bond pairs and one lone pair. Therefore there will be three hybrid orbitals (three for bond pair and one for lone pair). To form these hybrid orbitals one $s$ and three $p$ orbitals will be used. So, hybridization of this $Xe{O_3}$ molecule is $s{p^3}$. So the correct answer is option B that is $s{p^3}$.

Additional information: $VSEPR$ theory is valence shell electron pair repulsion theory. According to the $VSEPR$ theory molecule which has three bond pairs and one lone pair will possess trigonal pyramidal geometric shape. So the shape of this molecule is trigonal pyramidal.

Different compounds have different geometry and hybridization according to the number of lone pair and bond pair. So remember the number of bond pairs and lone pairs for which different geometries and hybridizations of compounds are formed.