Goa Express, bound for Goa, starts from Delhi at 10:00 hours and reaches Goa at 21:30 hours in the next evening. What is the total time taken by the train?

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Hint: In railway time, a day starts with 00:00 and completes at 23:59. The first two digits are hours and the next two digits are minutes. Use this fact to find the total time taken by the train.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Railway time is a standardized time arranged formerly used by railways to overcome the confusion caused by varying local times at different stations. It is also called the 24-hour clock. It starts with 00:00 at midnight and ends at 23:59 representing the 24-hours of a day.
In this type of arrangement, it has two digits each to represent hours and minutes.
It is given that the train starts at 10:00 in Delhi and arrives at 21:30 in Goa.
The first two digits 10 and 21 represent the hour. We subtract them to find a part of the time taken.
21 – 10 = 11 hours
The next two digits 00 and 30 represent the minutes. We subtract them to find the other part of the time taken.
30 – 00 = 30 minutes
We add the parts of the time calculated to find the total time.
Total time = 11 hours 30 mins
Hence, the total time taken by the train is 11 hours 20 minutes.

Note: Do not think of it as a 12-hour clock and solve, your answer will differ by 2-hours, in the railway clock system, directly subtract the times.