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Give the difference between thallophyta and Bryophyta?

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The differences between thallophyta and Bryophyta are as follows:
(i) Thallophyta: Body is thallus like, no differentiation into root, stem and leaves. Sex organs are single-celled. For example- Spirogyra.
(ii) Bryophyta: Differentiation of plant body into leaf and rhizoids. Sex organs are multicellular.
For example- Moss

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Thallophyta (Algae):
1. Mostly they are aquatic.
2. One or few chloroplasts are present in each cell. But in some other cases, the chromatophores are present instead of chromosomes.
3. No presence of stomata or pores.
4. Rhizoids are not present generally and if in case they are present they are of simple type.
5. Each cell is capable of growth and development.
6. The process of asexual reproduction takes place by means of zoospores or aplanospores. Vegetative reproduction is found commonly in many cases.
7. Sexual reproduction can be isogamous, anisogamous or oogamous.
8. The sex organs are unicellular, and when they are multicellular then every cell forms a gamete. So, there is no jacket of sterile cells.
9. Oogonium is a single-celled female sex organ and is not covered by any type sterile jacket layer.
10. No formation of the embryo takes place after the process of fertilization.

1. Mostly they are terrestrial and usually prefer damp and shady places.
2. For its nutrition, the sporophyte is dependent on the gametophyte.
3. Tissue differentiation is well defined.
4. Well developed chloroplasts are present in each chlorophyllous.
5. Presence of pores or stomata.
6. There exists the presence of rhizoids. They may be smooth-walled, tuberculate or obliquely septate. The scales are present as well.
7. For the purpose of growth and development, only the special cells are capable.
8. The process of asexual reproduction is absent and the process of vegetative reproduction is common.
9. Sexual reproduction takes place monogamously.
10. The sex organs are multicellular in nature and always remains protected by a jacket of sterile cells.

Thallophytes are a polyphyletic group of non-motile organisms which were traditionally described as “thalloid plants” that are rated to “simple plants” or “lower plants” whereas Bryophytes are an informal group which consists of the three divisions of non-vascular land plants namely the liverworts, hornworts and mosses.