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Give reasons for the following statements.
(i) Cloudy, dusty and humid nights are warmer than the clear, dust free, dry nights.
(ii) Radiation kills the cancer cells.
(iii) Thermal pollution of water is harmful for aquatic animals.
(iv) Nitrite poisoning may be fatal in children.
(v) Noise is also a pollutant.

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Hint: Environmental problems are described as problems that have arisen as a result of human intervention or mistreatment of the planet's systems (air, water, soil, sound, etc.)

Complete answer
(i) Cloudy, dusty and humid nights are warmer than the clear, dust free, dry nights – this statement is the result of greenhouse effect and greenhouse effect can be produced from clouds, dust particles and water vapors. Greenhouse effect is a natural process that warms the surface of the earth or earth’s surface.

(ii) Radiation kills the cancer cells – When cells start growing faster than the growth of the normal cells such types of cells are called cancer cells. Radiation breaks or slows down the growth by destroying their DNA.

(iii) Thermal pollution of water is harmful for aquatic animals – Thermal pollution of water or marine is very harmful for aquatic animals such as fish, whales, crabs etc. It may increase the metabolic rate of aquatic animals, that is aquatic animals consume more food in a short period of span and this thing will continue unless and until their environment is changed.

(iv) Nitrite poisoning may be fatal in children – Heavy amounts of nitrite in the body leads to the harmful effect on the body of the human being especially to the infants because it leads to the death of the children. Nitrite poisoning leads to the weak or rapid heartbeat, muscular tremors, weakness etc.

(v) Noise is also a pollutant – noise is a type of pollution and noise pollution arises due to vehicles, industrial machines and heavy machines, loudspeakers, sound of a cracker. Noise pollution also includes the sound of radio, televisions when they are on high volumes. So, noise pollution is a major concern of the people of the country because noise pollution leads to the hearing problem or deaf.

Note: Our surroundings are changing constantly. The reality is not to be denied. When our world shifts, however, so does the need to become increasingly conscious of the issues surrounding it. With a huge influx of natural catastrophes, cycles of warming and cooling, various forms of weather patterns and much more.