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Give an example of flying mammals.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:Flying mammals are groups of mammals that have wings and can fly. They can be of two types one with unpowered flight where the animal glides with the help of aerodynamics exerted on the body due to wind and second, powered flight where the animal uses its own muscular power to actually fly just like birds.

Complete answer:Depending upon different characteristics all living organisms are classified into six kingdom classification which also tells us how these organisms are related to each other. There are 9 categories used for grouping of animals: Domain, Kingdom, Phylum or Division, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species. Animals with more common features are grouped together as one species i.e. as we go down from kingdom or domain to species the common characteristics decrease. Mammals belong to the class Mammalia which belongs to Kingdom Animalia where they are said to have mammary glands to feed their young ones. Mammals are the most evolved species with some features like they are warm-blooded animals and do not lay eggs but they give birth to young ones. They have furry skin i.e. they have hair on their body, they have different sets of teeth also known as heterodont, they have lung to respire, a four-chambered heart, etc. These mammals are further divided into 3 subclasses and 26 orders, flying mammals is one of them.
Flying mammals are mammals that have wings and can fly or glide through the air. The thumbs of flying mammals can also act like claws. Animals belonging to this category are bats and flying squirrels. But bats are the only flying mammals that can fly by flapping their wings whereas a flying squirrel when jumps, opens up its folds like an umbrella and glides for up to 100m. Most of the bats can catch insects and eat even during night time by echolocation (It is a technique to find the objects based on sound reflection) and are active during night time. During day time, they hide in dark caves, trees, and sleep upside-down. They are social animals and usually live in groups of thousands.

Hence, a perfect example of a flying mammal would be a bat.

Note: Due to fuzzy noses and round ears like rats, bats are often referred to as flying rats or flying rodents. But this is completely wrong, bats do not belong to the Rodent order, they belong to the order Chiroptera.