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Give an example of a horizontal plane and a vertical plane from your environment.

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint: Problems like these are quite simple and don't require much knowledge of mathematics. However we need to know what a vertical plane and a horizontal plane mean. We need to explore a bit in the open world and in our locality and environment to be able to find the answer to these types of problems. We can define a horizontal plane as any plane or surface which is parallel to the surface of the earth, or in other words we can also say that the plane which is at an angle of zero degree is known as the horizontal plane. Any plane which is perpendicular to the horizontal plane is known as the vertical plane.

Complete step by step answer:
Now we start off with the solution to the given problem by trying to look around ourselves and find instances which represent the horizontal plane and vertical plane. We search for a plane which is parallel to the ground, and we can easily find one as the floor or ceiling of our room. The floor or ceiling is a perfect example of a horizontal plane or horizontal surface. Perpendicular to the floor, the wall is a great example of a vertical plane.

Note: These questions require some practical knowledge of the surroundings rather than any theoretical knowledge of mathematics. However we must have a clear cut understanding of what a horizontal and a vertical plane is. In theoretical perspective, to find a plane perpendicular to another plane, we need to have the equation of the horizontal plane as well as the direction ratios of the vertical plane.