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Find the square root of 8281

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Hint-Try to find the square root by prime factorisation.

We have to find out the square root of 8281,
For this, first let us try to find out the prime factors of 8281
$ \Rightarrow $ 7| 8281
     7| 1183
So, we get $\sqrt {8281} = \sqrt {7 \times 7 \times 13 \times 13} $
   \Rightarrow \sqrt {8281} = 7 \times 13 \\
   \Rightarrow \sqrt {8281} = 91 \\
\end{gathered} $
So, from this we get we get square root of 8281=$\sqrt {8281} = 91$

Note: When we are solving questions like this, it can be done in other ways, we have used the method of prime factorisation here, but we can also use other methods like division method and solve this.
Last updated date: 02nd Oct 2023
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