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Find the perimeter of the following figure :

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Hint: In this question , use $2(l + b)$ i.e. the perimeter of a rectangle to find the perimeter of the given figure.
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According to the question we have to find the perimeter of the given figure i.e. rectangle.
Hence, it is given
Length of the rectangle $(l) = 40cm$
Breadth of the rectangle $(b) = 20cm$
We know that perimeter of rectangle $ = 2(l + b)$
Hence , substituting the value of $l$ and $b$ in the formula we get,
   = 2(40 + 20) \\
   = 2(60) \\
   = 120cm \\
$\therefore $ The perimeter of the figure is $120cm$.

Note: It is always advisable to remember such basic formulas while involving in such types of questions as it helps save a lot of time . Eventually it’s difficult to mug up every formula but with practice things get easier.