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Find the altitude of a rhombus whose area is 30 cm2 and perimeter is 0.24 m.

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Hint:A rhombus is a quadrilateral with all sides equal, so the perimeter is 4a and the area of a rhombus is given by, Area = base * height.

Complete step-by-step answer:
We have been given in the question-
Area of the rhombus is $30c{m^2}$.
Perimeter of the rhombus is $0.24m = 24cm$.
Now, we know the rhombus has all sides of equal length, let the length of each side be a.
So, we know that the perimeter is, $P = 4a$.
Putting the value of P = 24cm, we get-
  P = 4a \\
   \Rightarrow 24 = 4a \\
   \Rightarrow a = 6cm \\
Now, the area of rhombus is given by, $A = base \times height$, where A is the area of the rhombus.
Now, we know $base = 6 cm$ , A = $30 cm^2$, putting these values we get-
  30 = 6 \times h \\
   \Rightarrow h = 5cm \\
Therefore, the altitude of the given rhombus is 5 cm.

Note – Whenever such types of questions appear, then write the things given in the question and then by using the formula of perimeter, find the side of rhombus and then using the formula of area of the rhombus, find the value of altitude.