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How do I find a vector cross product on a TI-84?

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Hint:A calculator is a small electrical device that can be carried anywhere easily; it makes mathematical calculations very easy as it performs big mathematical operations in seconds. The answer obtained above is a rounded off value because we don’t require so much accuracy in our daily life works.

Complete step by step answer:
There are a large variety of calculators available in the market; the calculators used in daily life are not suitable for performing such functions so we require higher quality calculators and devices. TI-84 was one such invention in early 2004, it is a graphing calculator made by texas instruments. Using cross-product function on the calculator, we can find the correct answer.

Let one vector be $\overrightarrow a = 3\hat i + 6\hat j + 2\hat k$ and another vector be $\overrightarrow b = 4\hat i + 9\hat j + 10\hat k$
For finding out the cross product of two vectors on a TI-84, we write the above two as –
$\{ 3,6,2\} \{ 4,9,10\} $ and then press the enter key. We will get the answer written on the display as,
$\{ 42,22,3\} $ , that is, the cross product of the two given vectors is $42\hat i + 22\hat j + 3\hat k$ .

Note:If a TI-84 doesn’t have an inbuilt cross-product function then it can be programmed in the calculator. The cross product of two vectors is also a vector and is defined as the binary operation on two vectors in three-dimensional space.