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Fill in the blanks:
The matter is anything that has …………….. and occupies …………..

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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Hint: At the foremost initial level, matter consists of elementary particles. A matter is made up of a certain amount of mass. It has a specific volume that’s why it holds some space. The properties we see are shape, mass, and volume. Mass is that the quantity of matter an associate object has, and volume is that the quantity of house the matter takes up.

Complete step-by-step solution:
The matter has mass and occupies some space. Matter, a substance, has inertia and occupies a physical area. In keeping with modern physics, matter consists of various types of particles, every with mass and size.
So the complete sentence will be:
The matter is anything that has Mass/Inertia and occupies Space.

Additional information: All matter is formed of atoms, that area unit successively composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons.
Atoms move to create molecules, which are the building blocks for every type of matter, in concern with Washington State University. Each atom and molecule are held together by a variety of P.E(potential energy) referred to as chemical energy. In contrast to mechanical energy, that is the energy of an object in motion, P.E. is that the energy holds on in an object.

Note: There are generally three states of matter that are distinct physical forms: solid, liquid, and gas.
The solid matter is made up of tightly packed particles. A solid can retain its shape; the particles are bound to move freely.
The liquid matter is made up of loosely packed particles. It has no shape and so takes the shape of its container in which it is kept. Particles can move freely within a liquid, but they are packed densely that's why they have a maintained volume.
The gaseous matter is made up of particles packed very loosely. It has neither a certain shape nor a volume.