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Last updated date: 04th Dec 2023
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Fill in the blank: \[1m = \ldots \ldots cm\]

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Hint: Here, in the given question, we are asked to find the relation between a meter and a centimeter. \[m\]is a symbol used to denote meter and\[cm\]is used to denote centimeter. Both are the metric quantities. We will use the relation to fill in the blank.

Complete step-by-step solution:
We can measure things on the basis of how long, how tall, or how far apart they are. The most common unit of measurements are:
Starting with a very small unit, a millimeter is about the thickness of any smart card.
When we have ten millimetres, it would be known as a centimetre. One centimetre is approximately a fingernail.
We can use these two units i.e. millimetres and centimetres to measure the height of the human body or the length of a table, but to measure the length of any sports ground, it’s better to use metres.
We use metres to measure the length of a land or a house, or a playground.
The relation between two metric units i.e. meter and centimeter is given by:
\[1m = \underline {100} cm\]
Also, these conversions are reversible. If we start converting from metres to centimetres and then convert it back, we would get the number we started with.

Note: Meter is the S.I. unit for measuring length. Or we can say that it is the base unit of a length. For smaller lengths, we use centimeter and millimeter and for bigger lengths we use kilometer.
We use kilometres to measure the distance between two cities, distance between our house and school maybe, or for any longer lengths. One kilometre is around a twelve minute walk.

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