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Facultative saprophyte is
A) A parasite which can live as a saprophyte
B) Always a parasite
C) Always a saprophyte
D) May acquire parasitic mode of life

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Hint:Certain organisms like fungi cannot prepare their own food. They obtain their nutrition from the dead or decaying matter. They are important for the environment as they help in recycling complex molecules back to the environment.

Complete Answer:
The word saprophyte is composed of two words where sapro means rotten and phyte means organisms. The organisms which feed on the dead and decaying matter are known as saprophytes. These organisms help in decaying and recycling of complex molecules back into the environment. The saprophytes have parasitic mode of nutrition.Few examples of saprophytes are fungi, certain bacteria, water moulds etc.
The saprophytes are divided into two categories-
->Obligate means strict saprophytes. They are fully dependent on the dead and decaying matter.
->Facultative means optional saprophytes. They can survive on living matter as a parasite but when the proper conditions are available they prefer to thrive on the dead organisms.
->Parasites- These are the organisms which cannot prepare their own food. They live on other organisms called the host and obtain nourishment from the host.

The correct answer is (A). Facultative saprophyte is a parasite which can live as a saprophyte.

Note: Saprophytes decompose dead and decaying organisms by the help of digestive juices which break the complex biomolecules of the dead organism.