Explain how to construct an equilateral $ \Delta ABC $ of side 5cm, with the help of compass and ruler solution

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Hint: Equilateral triangle means all the sides in a triangle are equal in length and each angle is $ {60^o} $.

Complete step by step solution:
Let us suppose $ \Delta ABC $is an equilateral triangle in which $ AB = BC = CA = 5cm $
(i) Draw a line segment $ AB = 5cm $

(ii) With centres $ A $and $ B $and radius $ 5cm $ each. Draw two arcs one from point $ A $and other from point $ B $.

(iii) Joint $ AC $and $ BC $

Therefore, the required $ \Delta ABC $ is an equilateral triangle with each side\[5cm\].

Note:When constructing triangles; make sure to do it in accordance to the given condition and;if it has been asked to construct using ruler and compass do it using the same method and do not use protractor for the same