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Exchange of gases takes place in the_______________

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint: Gaseous exchange is the process where the exchange of gases like carbon dioxide and oxygen occurs. This gaseous exchange is important for all the tissues and cells present in the living organism.

Complete answer:
• We all know that energy is required to perform any activity whether it is reproduction, coordination, excretion, movement or locomotion etc.
• This energy is gained from the food we eat, the food particles we eat are broken down into the smaller particles and this process requires oxygen.
• This process where food particles are broken down into the smaller particle by using oxygen is known as Respiration and during this process carbon dioxide is released out.
• So, for the process of respiration, we need the exchange of oxygen and Carbon dioxide.
• Every cell requires oxygen which is needed to transport to every cell of the body and this is done by the Blood.
• Blood vessels divide into smaller units known as capillaries where they give out oxygen to the cell and take in the carbon dioxide.
• This deoxygenated blood containing carbon dioxide is transported to lungs where again blood vessels divide into capillaries and give carbon dioxide to tiny air like sacs known as Alveoli and take oxygen from it.
• This oxygenated blood goes to the heart and it is transported to tissues through arteries.
• Thus, exchange of gases takes place in between alveoli and the wall of capillaries where carbon dioxide is given out and oxygen is taken in the blood and in between tissues and walls of capillaries where oxygen is given out and carbon dioxide is taken in blood.

Note: Blood vessels divide into smaller branches and they keep on dividing to form capillaries which are single cell thick vessels. Similarly, Bronchi of lungs keep on dividing to form tiny sacs like structures known as Alveoli. Over $480$ million alveoli are present in our lungs.