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Ethane, with the molecular formula ${{\text{C}}_{2}}{{\text{H}}_{6}}$ has:
A. 6 covalent bonds
B. 7 covalent bonds
C. 8 covalent bonds
D. 9 covalent bonds

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Alkanes are the saturated hydrocarbon which is also known as paraffin. A covalent bond is a bond in which the sharing of a pair of electrons takes place between two atoms. An atom having more electronegativity can attract the pair of electrons more easily.

Complete answer:
Alkanes form an only single bond between different atoms.
So, to calculate the number of covalent bonds we have to draw the structure of ethane:

seo images

As we can see that one covalent bond is present between two carbon atoms and six covalent bonds are present between hydrogen and carbon atoms which are highlighted with the orange colour.

So, option B. is the correct answer.

Additional Information Ethane is an organic compound which is used for the synthesis of ethylene.
- It is an odourless and colourless compound with a common name of dimethyl.
- Ethane is also soluble in water and can be used to make ethanol.
- The hybridisation of the ethane molecule will be \[\text{s}{{\text{p}}^{3}}\] with a geometry of trigonal planar.
- Here, in this molecule, the carbon and hydrogen have less electronegativity difference whereas the carbon-carbon bond has no electronegativity difference, so the electrons remain at the centre of the bond.

Note: Carbons cannot gain as well as a loss any electron so to fulfil their octet they can only share a pair of electrons to become stable. The compound which consists of covalent bonds usually has a low melting point.