Each lung is enclosed in a double membrane called a pleura. The membrane which closely covers the lung is
a. Lung pleura
b. Visceral pleura
c. Peritoneal pleura
d. Parietal pleura

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Hint: Lungs are mainly the air-filled spongy structure which is generally located on either side of the chest region of the human. Trachea or also called the windpipe brings up the oxygen inside the lungs. Pleura are a double membrane structure, which covers the lungs.

Complete answer:
The answer to this question is the second option that is an option (b) visceral pleura. When we see the lungs structure deeply, we see that the lungs of the human are covered with a double layer membrane called pleura. This double-membrane pleura is separated from the lungs by the help of the fluid-like substance called pleural fluid. This pleural fluid is kind of helpful and is needed in the lungs because this fluid helps in reducing friction on the surface of the lungs.
The outer pleural membrane which is nearer to the thoracic lining is called parietal pleura, whereas the inner pleural membrane which is in close contact with the lungs surface is called visceral pleura.
So in the question, it is being asked for the pleural membrane which closely covers the lung surface, so the correct option for this question will be the second option, (b) visceral pleura. The first option here is the lung pleura, as the lung pleura is divided into two layers, one layer is only in close contact than the other layer, and hence this cannot be the right answer.
The third option here in the question is peritoneal pleura, this option is wrong because peritoneal pleura is the membrane for the abdominal cavity.
The third and last option is the parietal pleura, which is also not correct because parietal pleura is the outer membrane of the lungs pleura, hence this option is also wrong.

Pleura is a structure that covers up the lungs. It has two layers which is been separated by the pleura cavity. Pleura cavity is also called a pleura space, which is mainly the thin and fluid-filled space present between the two pulmonary pleura. Mainly the visceral pleura receives all its blood supply from the bronchial circulation, which is also a supplier of the lungs. The visceral pleura which is responsible for covering the lungs receives the innervations from the autonomic nervous system.