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Draw the structure of the compound:
${\text{4 - tert - butyl - 3 - iodoheptane}}$

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Hint:In organic chemistry, we have three different ways to draw organic molecules including structural formula, condensed formula, and skeletal structures (also known as line – bond structures or line formulas). ${\text{4 - tert - butyl - 3 - iodoheptane}}$ is an organic halogen compound, to draw the structure format with root, prefix, and suffix.

Complete step by step answer:1) First of all, in the given compound the end word is -hept, which shows the longest carbon chain must have seven carbon atoms. There are two substituent presents in a structure, one at carbon atom number ${\text{3}}$ and one at ${\text{4}}$. The carbon numbered ${\text{3}}$ contains the substituent Iodine and the carbon number ${\text{4}}$ contains the substituent tert butyl.
2) The IUPAC name starts from the number of carbon atoms bearing the substituent followed by the name of the substituent. The substituents that are attached to the longest chain comes first as per alphabetical order and it is named first. Then the word root hept comes followed by the suffix -ane which means all the bonds are single bonds.
3) Structural formula- displays the atoms of the molecule in the order they are bonded.
Structural Formula of ${\text{4 - tert - butyl - 3 - iodoheptane}}$ is as below,
seo images

4) The condensed formula displays the order of atoms similar to the structural formula but is written in a single line and makes it easier and faster to write out. The condensed Formula of ${\text{4 - tert - butyl - 3 - iodoheptane}}$ is $C{H_3} - C{H_2} - CH(I) - C(CC{H_3}) - C{H_2} - C{H_2} - C{H_3}$
5) The line formulas are used to write carbon and hydrogen atoms more significantly by replacing the letter "C" with lines.
Line Formula is as below,
seo images

The numbering given in an IUPAC name shows the atoms or groups that are attached to the carbon atoms in the longest chain. It is very important to write a structure based on the IUPAC name as IUPAC naming gives the identity to a chemical structure.