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How does dilution affect concentration?

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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Hint: The term dilution is the phenomenon by which more solvent is added to a solution. This results in an increase of the total volume of the solution and decreases the concentration of the solution.

Complete step by step answer:
The topic dilution and concentration are related to solution. A solution is a mixture of a solute component in another solvent component. The dissolution of the solute in the solvent led to a solution.
A solution is divided into several types based on the dissolved solute. A solution is called as concentrated when a fixed amount of solute is dissolved in the minimum amount of solvent. It is referred as dilute when more solvent is present in the solution than the amount required to dissolve the solute.
The dilution of a solution is achieved by adding more solvent to the solution. Upon dilution the solute molecules go far apart from each other. Hence the distance between two solute molecules increases and also the interaction between then decreases.
Thus the addition of more solvent to a solution leads to decrease in concentration of the solution. This is best explained with the help of dissolving in water. When \[100gm\] of sugar is dissolved in \[100mL\] water, the solution is said to be concentrated but when we add more water to this solution the sweetness decreases and the concentration of the solution decreases.
Several terms are used in chemistry to designate the concentration of a solution of the molarity is the most common. The change before and after dilution of a solution is mathematically expressed using the following relation.
${M_1}{V_1} = {M_2}{V_2}$
Here \[{M_1}\] is the initial concentration and \[{V_1}\] is the initial volume. \[{M_2}\] is the final concentration and \[{V_2}\] is the final volume. Thus it is convenient to determine the final concentration of volume if other parameters are known.

The molarity, molality and normality are more frequently used units to express the concentration of solution. The dilution of a solution changes both the volume and concentration of a solution.