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What does $\dfrac{3}{8}$ mean?
(a) 8 parts out of three parts
(b) 3 parts out of 8 parts
(c) 3 parts less than 8 parts
(d) 3 parts more than 8 parts

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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Hint: First we need to understand the term ‘fraction’. Now, to explain a given fraction consider x as the numerator and y as the denominator. Use the basic definition of a fraction generally represented as $\dfrac{x}{y}$ by stating that we have x parts of something out of a collection of y parts of the same thing. Choose the correct option accordingly.

Complete step by step answer:
Here we have been provided with the fraction $\dfrac{3}{8}$ and we are asked to give its correct explanation and choose the correct option. First we need to understand the term ‘fraction’.
Now, in mathematics the fraction is the ratio of a part of something to its whole. It generally consists of a numerator (say x) and the denominator (say y) and is represented as $\dfrac{x}{y}$ where y must not be equal to 0. It is explained as x parts out of a total of y parts.
Let us come to the question, we have the fraction $\dfrac{3}{8}$, so using the basic definition and explanation of a fraction we can say that it can be written as 3 parts out of 8 parts.

So, the correct answer is “Option b”.

Note: Note that basically there are two types of fractions namely proper fraction and improper fraction. If the numerator of a fraction is greater than its denominator then the fraction is known as a proper fraction. In case the denominator is greater than the numerator then the fraction is called an improper fraction. If the numerator becomes equal to the denominator then the fraction gets simplified into the value 1 which is called as the unit fraction.