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Last updated date: 25th Jun 2024
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Hint: We will divide -85 by 5 step by step as we know that when a negative number is divided by the positive number the quotient is always negative, using this we will get the answer to the question in the form of the quotient.

Complete step-by-step answer:
While dividing two numbers we have a number which divides the other number, now the number that divides is known as the divisor and the number that gets divided is known as a dividend.
Now here we have 5 as the divisor and -85 as a dividend, on dividing
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From the above calculation, we can say that on dividing -85 by 5 we have -17 as the quotient and 0 as the remainder.
Therefore the required answer is -17.

Note: We can also solve the above problem with an alternative method i.e.
When -85 is divided by 5, we can write it as
 $ \Rightarrow \dfrac{{ - 85}}{5}$ , where the numerator is the dividend and denominator is the divisor
Multiplying the denominator and the numerator with 2
 $ \Rightarrow \dfrac{{ - 170}}{{10}}$
Now we know that if a number is divided by 10 then a decimal is placed in that number between the tenth and one place digits.
 $ \Rightarrow - 17$
Hence, the answer is similar to the answer to the above solution.