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Differentiate between toilet soap and laundry soap.

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: Both are included in the soap category. They can be initially differentiated on the basis of their uses. Soaps are manufactured in four steps-saponification, glycerin removal, soap purification and finishing.

Complete step by step solution:
Soaps are sodium or potassium salts of higher fatty acids. Soaps are classified into three-hard, soft and insoluble.
Generally both soaps have no difference. Both of them are alkaline decontamination products which can wash hands. But toilet soaps are specially made for skin. It has little damage to the skin. Some of them play the role of lubricant. Toilet soap is made for cleaning skin while laundry soap is made for cleaning clothes and shoes. Toilet soaps are added with ingredients which are beneficial to skin like anti-bacterial, moisturizing, deep cleaning, protection etc.
They key points differentiating toilet soaps and laundry soaps are given in the table below:
Serial. No.Toilet soapLaundry soap
1.Raw materials are high quality fats and oils.Raw materials are low quality fats and oils.
2.Fillers are absent.Fillers like sodium rosinate, sodium carbonate, sodium silicate, borax are present.
3.Expensive perfumes and colors are added.Cheap perfumes and colors are added.
4.Production is complicated.Production is very simple.
5. Irritation to skin is less.Irritation to skin is greater.

Additional information:
Soaps have a hydrophobic tail and a hydrophilic head. Hydrophobic tails dissolve in grease or oil or dirt substances. Hydrophilic heads dissolve in water.

Note: Hard soaps are sodium salt and it is moderately soluble in water. E.g. Aleppo soap, Castile soap. Soft soaps are potassium salt and it is soluble in water. E.g. Shampoo, liquid hand wash. Insoluble soaps are calcium or magnesium salts which are used as lubricants.