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Differentiate between analog and digital communication.

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Hint: Analog Communication uses analog waves for transfer of information. Likewise, Digital Communication uses digital waves for transfer of information.

Complete step by step solution: The key differences between analog and digital communication are given in the table below:
Analog CommunicationDigital Communication
Analog communication uses analog signals for the transmission of information.Digital communication uses digital signals for the transmission of information.
Analog communication uses signals that can be represented by sine waves.Digital communication uses signals that can be represented by square waves.
Analog communication signals consist of continuous values.Digital communication signals consist of discrete values.
Analog communications are affected by noise.Digital communications are not affected by noise.
The probability of error in analog signals is high due to parallax.Digital signals are virtually immune to parallax errors.
Analog communication requires complicated hardware.Digital communication requires less complicated hardware.
Analog communication is relatively cheaper as compared to digital communication.Digital communication is costly in nature.
Low bandwidth is required for analog communication.High bandwidth is required for digital communication.
High power is required for analog communication.Digital communication requires comparatively less power.
Analog communication systems are less portable as they contain heavy and complicated hardware.Digital communication systems are more portable as compared to analog communication systems.
Examples: - Sound shows analog signalsExamples: - Computers use digital signals.

Care must be taken that the question asks us the difference between Analog Communication & Digital Communication and not Analog Wave & Digital Wave.

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