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Difference between centrosome and chromosome?

Last updated date: 25th Jul 2024
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Hint: Though both play an important role in the division of cells but one of them not only plays an important role in cell division but also is a part of the cytoskeleton of the cell and is not found in animals but other one does.

Complete answer:

Centrosomes are the part of cytoskeleton of the cell and they help in the division of cell.Chromosomes are the part of Nucleus which divides during the cell division.
Centrosome consists of two cylindrical structures which are placed perpendicular to it. These cylindrical structures are known as Centrioles which looks like the cartwheel like structure where triplets of fibril made of tubulin protein are present at the Periphery of the centrosome.During the cell division centrioles divides and moves to the opposite poles of the cell (where they replicate themselves to again form a pair of centrioles) where the releases some spindle fibres which attaches to the centromere of a chromosome and helps the cell in the division of chromosome pairs into two equal halves.
Centrosomes are not found in Plant cells.Chromosome are found in each and every organism
There is usually one pair of centrioles present in each cell.Number of chromosomes vary from organism to organism. For an example Humans have Twenty-Three pair of chromosomes whereas Drosophila have only Four Chromosomes.

Note: Chromosomes are not found in prokaryotic cell that have nucleoid as their genetic material. Also, Centrosome appear only in those cells which have flexible cell membrane, since animal cell changes its shape during cell division and plant cell do not, thus they are not found in Plants.