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What is the difference between accuracy and precision of measurements?

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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Hint: Accuracy and precision both are used to find the correctness of the answer obtained but both the terms are slightly different from each other. Precision and accuracy are of great importance in the world of measurements.

Complete answer:
Accuracy is defined as the value or how much our calculated value is close to the true value of that particular calculation.
While precision refers to the values or how close our calculated values to each other.
Now we have some basic knowledge regarding accuracy and precision of measurements, so let’s look their difference in tabular form also –
Determines or how much our calculated value is close to the true value.Gives an idea about how close our calculated values to each other.
Accuracy means conformity to the truth.Precision means sharply defined.
There is a possibility of improvement in accuracy.There is no possibility of improvement in precision.
Accuracy depends on simple techniques of analysis.Precision does not depend on as easy techniques of analysis as accuracy depends.
Accuracy does not depend of precisionPrecision is not dependent on accuracy
Accuracy has to be precisePrecision may or may not be accurate

Precision and accuracy can also be checked. To check both these terms we calculate the percent error in our quantities. Percent error can be calculated by obtaining the difference between the accepted value and the experimental value, then dividing it by the absolute value and later on multiplying it by \[100\] and putting the percent sign.