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Why did Taro run in the direction of the stream?

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Hint: Taro was a young woodcutter who lived on a lonely hillside with his mother and aunt. He was a considerate, hardworking, caring, and thoughtful kid. He had a strong attachment to his elderly parents. Taro, a young woodcutter, was the one who discovered the magical waterfall.

Complete answer:
The beautiful tale of a devoted son is told in 'Taro's Reward'. Taro works as a woodcutter and resides with his elderly parents. He does not make a lot of money, which bothers him because he wants to provide the best life for his parents. His elderly father shows a need for a cup of sake one day.

Taro becomes even more depressed as he realises how expensive sake is. Regardless, he rises earlier than normal and begins chopping wood for an extended period of time. Soon after, he hears water dripping and goes to drink it, only to discover it is sake. He proudly takes it home and presents it to his friends.

The word quickly spreads around the village, and everyone rushes to the waterfall. It just tastes like water to them, though. As a result, they know Taro is the only one who received the sake because he is a caring kid.

So, Taro dashed in the direction of the stream, desperate for water. In that part of the forest, he had never seen a flowing stream or heard the sound of falling water.

Note: Taro, who is a very hardworking and dutiful son to his parents, is the protagonist of the storey "Taro's Reward." He puts in a lot of effort to fulfil his parents' desires, and he is rewarded in the most unexpected way. This chapter instils in students the value of hard work and the importance of both honouring and obeying their parents.