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Determine if the following ratios form a proportion. Also, write the middle terms and extreme terms where the ratios form proportions.
$200mL:2.5Litre$ and $Rs.4:Rs.50$

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Hint: Use the conversion $1Litre = 1000milliLitre$ to convert the first part of given ratios which is in litres.

Let us take first given ratio
In this ratio the values are of different units let us convert them into one unit i.e. litres into millilitres.
We know that
 $1Litre = 1000milliLitre$
$2.5L = 2.5 \times 1000 = 2500mL$
Therefore $\dfrac{{200}}{{2500}} = \dfrac{2}{{25}}$
Now let us take second given ratio
$\dfrac{4}{{50}} = \dfrac{2}{{25}}$
Therefore the given ratios are in proportion.
Here the middle terms are $2.5L$ and $Rs.4$
And extreme terms are $200mL$ and $Rs.50$

Note: Conversion of units is important because ratios should be of the same units. In this problem the first ratio has two different units i.e millilitres and Litres which we have converted into Litres. And the second ratio has the same units and no conversion is needed.