Deserts are characterized by-
A. Scanty vegetation
B. Heavy precipitation
C. Low evaporation
D. None of these

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Hint: Vegetation relies upon factors: weather and soil. The weather withinside the deserts is both very warm and dry or very bloodless and dry. Such weather now no longer permits the increase of plant life.

Complete step by step answer:
Sparse, much less populated, thorny bush-like plant life is referred to as scanty plant life. Desert surroundings are characterized with the aid of using very low suggest annual rainfall, the realistic absence of plant life, very excessive every day and annual variety of temperature, dirt storms, excessive-pace winds, the dominance of sands, and exceedingly variable annual rainfall. Rainfall is scanty. Hence plant life does now no longer develop in dry situations. Soil is both sandy (in warm deserts) or blanketed with snow (bloodless deserts) for a maximum of the year. Both varieties of soil do now no longer inspire plant life to develop. There is scanty plant life withinside the deserts because of adverse climatic situations for the plants internationally to develop.
The barren region both has severe warmth or severe bloodless weather or gets low rainfall which isn't appropriate for plant life to develop. The weather of the Ladakh barren region is extraordinarily bloodless and dry because of its excessive altitude which varies from approximately 3,000 m in Kargil to greater than 8,000 m withinside The air at this mindset is so then that the warmth of the solar may be felt intensely. The day temperatures in the summertime season are simply above 0 diploma and the nighttime temperatures are below -30°C. Winters are extraordinarily bloodless with temperatures below -40°C for a maximum of time.
So, the correct answer is Option A.

Note: Scanty patches of grasses and shrubs, groves of willows and poplars, fruit timber which includes apples, apricots, and walnuts. The temperature in summer reduces to -30 degrees Celsius and in winters it drops down to -40 degrees Celsius.