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Define and explain variation with examples.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Variation in terms of biology is any difference between cells, organisms of any species caused either by the genetic differences or environmental factors.

Complete Answer:
- Variations are the differences present between the individuals of the same species or different species.
- The variation between different species is greater than that of the variation between the individuals of the same species.

Causes of variation:
Two main causes of variation are-
1) Inherited causes of variation
2) Environmental causes of variation

1) Inherited causes of variation:
Variation that results from the passage of genetic information from parents to offsprings is called inherited variation. Example – eye colour, hair colour, lobed or lobeless ears, etc.

2) Environmental causes of variation:
Characteristics of animal and plant species can be affected by environmental factors such as:
Diet, Climate, Lifestyle, Culture

Examples of variation:
- Person’s skin colour
- Hair colour
- Dimples
- Freckles
- Blood type
- Modified leaves of carnivorous plants
- Cheetah with stripes
- Snakes that fly
- Animal that mimic leaves

Note: Variation is too necessary in respect to evolution, without variation evolution cannot take place. Sexual reproduction is a type of reproduction which causes variations between the individuals of the same species.