Convert 120 hours to days

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Hint:- In this question we use the concept of unit conversion, so here we convert the hours in days for which we required a standard conversion like in a day there are 24 hours.
Complete step-by-step solution -
As we know that:
  {\text{24hours = 1day}} \\
  \therefore 1{\text{hour = }}\dfrac{1}{{24}}{\text{day}} \\
$120{\text{hours = }}\dfrac{1}{{24}} \times 120{\text{days = 5days}}$

Note:- In this question first we calculated the value of one hour in terms of days after that we found the value of one hundred twenty hours by simply multiplying the value of one hour in days with one hundred twenty and got the result that there are five days in one hundred twenty hours.