What is the conversion of 1 quintal into 1kg?
i.e: 1 quintal = ………………….. Kg

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Hint – The quintal or centner is usually defined as 100 base units, such as pounds or kilograms. Use this concept to find the required conversion.

Complete step-by-step answer:

There are chiefly two systems of measurements in the world. The FPS system and the MKS system. Both the Foot Pound Second system and the Meter Kilogram Second system are the set of units of length, weight and time, respectively.
So, a “quintal” means 100 units of either of the elementary divisions for weight.
Therefore 1 quintal = 100 kilogram in (MKS) system.
Hence 1 quintal = 100 kg.
So this is the required answer.

Note – There are certain set of systems of units like, SI (International system of Units) it included (meter-kilogram-second-kelvin-mole-candela), FPS (foot-pound-second), MKS (meter-kilogram-second), CGS (centimetre-gram-second), EMU (Electromagnetic) (centimetre-gram-second-abampere), ESU (Electrostatic) (centimetre-gram-second-abcoulomb) and many more, these are frequently used system of units.