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What is the commercial unit of energy? Define it

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:If 1000 watt per hour of electrical energy is consumed by an appliance then it is defined as the one Kilowatt – hour. In order to determine the small quantities, we can use Joule which is the SI unit of the electric energy. But for the bigger quantities Kilowatt-hour (kWh) is used. For instance, one litter of the water can be mentioned as 32 million joules of energy. Using this SI unit can bring more confusion in bigger quantities.

Complete answer:
Kilowatt – hour (kWh) is the commercial unit of the electrical energy which is been used in our houses and industries
We can say that 1 kWh is equal to 1 kW multiplied by 1 h. where 1 h is equal to 3600 s and 1 kW is equal to 1000 $J{{s}^{-1}}$. By calculating it mathematically we will get 3.6 x ${{10}^{6}}$ J. The above statement is derived below.
1 kW x 1 h = 1 kWh
1000 W x 1 h = 1 kWh
1000 $J{{s}^{-1}}$ x 3600s = 1 kWh
3600000 J = 1 kWh
3.6 x ${{10}^{6}}$ J = 1 kWh
Hence for the answer to our question, We can conclude that Kilowatt – hour (kWh) is the commercial unit of electrical energy.

In any kind of formal measurement system this unit is not a standard unit but still it is being used most commonly. Even though the rates for the domestic and commercial sectors are different the same unit has been used in both the domestic and commercial sectors. Even if the large sectors consume less energy, the measurement unit will be in kilowatt – hour.