Choose the word/phrase which is opposite in meaning to the italicized word/phrase in the sentence.
This tonic serves to vitalise your hair.

A) shorten
B) enfeeble
C) repress
D) clamour

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Hint: Vitalise in simple word means to give life to something. To make more vigorous, to invigorate, or stimulate. In this context vitalize means to grow, to strengthen the hair, to stop the hair fall.

Complete step by step answer:

Let’s discuss the given options and find the correct answer.

shorten: Shorten means to decrease the height of something, to get smaller than the original height, to cease the height, to abbreviate, to make deficient, to deprive of something, to make short or friable, as pastry, with butter, lard, etc. to reduce or diminish in amount, quantity, or extent, to lessen. For example, to shorten an allowance of food. The word shorten is the first form of the verb.
enfeeble: Enfeeble means to weaken. To make a feeble that is deficient in physical strength. For example, though she appeared old and enfeeble, she could still throw a ball. In 2014, Michael White, “Roll up, roll up! The amazing Salmond will show a Scotland you will not believe”, The Guardian, 8 September 2014. In the face of enfeebled, self-harming opposition on both sides of the border (and a miserable economic recession on both sides too) he has performed brilliantly
repress: Repress means something which is subjected to repression (the act of repressing, state of being repressed). Showing the suppression (the process on which a person consciously excludes anxiety-producing thoughts, feelings, or memories) of emotions or impulses.
clamour: To salute loudly, to stun with noise, to repeat the strokes quickly on bells so as to produce a loud clang (a loud ringing sound).
So, the correct answer is “Option b”. enfeeble

Note: vitalise means to give life, to stimulate. Here in the context, it means to stimulate and strength the growth of hair. So the opposite of vitalise will be to enfeeble which means to weaken the growth of hair.