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Choose the right word from the options to complete the sentence.
The way people behave _________ as they grow old.
A) Changes
B) Change
C) Changed
D) Changing

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Hint: In the sentence, the way people behave _________ as they grow old, says something about the behavior of the people as they grow old, so they are talking something or someone who are not with them that is they are talking about the third person. And we know that if we talk about the third person in a sentence than verb is used along with s or es. For example, he goes. Here “he” is a third-person so the Verb ‘go’ becomes ‘goes’. For a singular person to verb with s or es is used.

Complete answer:

Let’s discuss the given options and find the correct answer.

A) Changes: The word “changes” is the fifth form of the verb, V5, and is a simple present with s/es. It means the process of becoming or making something different. Something that you take, have or used instead of something else.
B) Change: The word change is the first form of the verb, V1, and is a simple present. The word “change” has got different meanings, it means the money that you get back if you pay more than the amount something costs or coins which are of low values
C) Changed: The word changed is the 2nd and 3rd form of the verb. It means to become different or to make somebody/something different, to become a different thing, to take a different form.
D) Changing: The word ‘changing’ is the present participle of the 4th form of the verb. It means to exchange something with somebody, so that you have what he/she had, and he/she has what you had.
So, the correct answer is “Option A”.

The noun ‘people’ is used both as singular as well as plural, that is it has both a plural sense and a singular sense.