Choose the option which means opposite of the given word:
A) Unavoidable
B) Eatable
C) Half-baked
D) Uncertain
E) Mutilated

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Hint: Inevitable means something which is certain or unavoidable, it may be referred to as a thing or a situation which is completely predictable, for example, the war between the British and Germans was inevitable.

Complete step by step answer:
To choose the correct word which means the opposite of the given word, first, analyze all the provided options.

Unavoidable: not able to avoid or prevent. Something which cannot be stopped or prevented from happening, it can be referred to a person or a situation, for example, the party with the ministers was unavoidable.
Eatable: fit to be consumed as food, for example, wrapped loaves can be kept for days and be quite eatable for three or four days.
Half-baked: an idea or a plan that has not been considered carefully enough, for example, the government has come up with a half-baked scheme of training teachers at work.
Uncertain: not known or fixed, a situation that was not completely certain. It is also used when you are not able to decide on something. For example, those affected by the war are in for an uncertain future.
Mutilated: to damage something severely, or to destroy one's idea or theory, for example, her face was completely mutilated by the accident.
Hence, from the above analysis, we can conclude that option D. means the opposite of the word “inevitable”.

 Uncertain is also used for not knowing what to do or believe, for example, Amy was uncertain about her plans for the future.