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Choose the correct meaning of the given phrase
“To pick holes”
a. To find some reason to quarrel
b. To destroy something
c. To criticize someone
d. To cut some part of an item
e. None of these

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Hint: Phrases consist of two or more words to convey a certain meaning and they can convey a certain meaning and can stand as an independent clause at times. To pick holes refers to pointing out the faults and criticizing the individual or against a certain argument that is made.

Complete answer:
Now, from the options given above,
- Option a, to find some reason to quarrel, is often tagged with phrases such as to pick a fight with or to bang barrels with and so on. It is not something related to the question and hence, is not the answer. For instance, he always tries to find some reason to quarrel. I am annoyed by his behaviour.
- Option b, to destroy something, defines exactly the destruction, demolition or annihilation of something, therefore, is not our answer. Eg: Sooner or later, he is bound to destroy that aquarium.
- Option d, to cut some part of an item, points to dividing something or detaching a certain part from the main body.
- Option c, to criticize someone, hence, is the correct answer as written above in the hint. This idiom is often used when depicting points against debates, laws and court rules.

> Hence, Option c is the right answer.

Note: Don’t mistake this phrase for the meaning “to destroy something”, since it may seem literal but is not.