Choose the appropriate synonym for the given word:

A) Pretty
B) Generous
C) Shameful
D) Spiritual
E) Rude

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Hint: Bountiful is an adjective usually referring to something which is in a large amount, even used for people who have a giving nature, for example, the cows who graze on this field are bountiful in high-quality milk.

Complete step by step answer:
To choose the appropriate synonym for the given word, first, analyze all the options given in the question.

Pretty: quite, but not extremely, almost. For example, I’m pretty much done with this term’s projects.
Generous: Larger than usual, when you get something in a large amount, more than you expectedーlike for example, people’s response towards the environmental crisis was generous and kind.
Shameful: deserving blame or being a reason of shame, used to describe for a person worthy of or causing shame or disgrace. For example, there is no forgiveness for such shameful acts.
Spiritual: relating to deep feelings or beliefs, mostly used in a religious sense, for example, Harry traveled around India in a spiritual quest.
Rude: not polite, someone who is offensive and embarrassing or not polite, for example, it was very rude of him to leave the dining room without apologizing to everyone.

Hence, after analyzing each option, we can conclude that option B. is best suited as a synonym for “bountiful”

 Generous is also used in a charitable sense to express one’s willingness to help, even in monetary terms.