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China rose indicator turns acidic solution to?
A. Magenta
B. Green
C. Light Blue
D. Yellow

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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An indicator is something which determines a solution as Acidic or Basic by changing its colour. These are substances whose solutions undergo a change colour due to changes in the \[pH\] of the solution. They are called acid-base indicators. They are usually weak acids or bases of a specific colour, but their conjugate base or acid forms have different colours due to large differences in their absorption spectra.

Complete answer:
By soaking china rose petals into hot water for half an hour it creates a solution that can be used as an acid-base indicator and this is how we make china rose indicator. China rose indicator turns basic solution to green.
According to \[pH\] an indicator determines the Acidic or Basic nature of substance by changing its colour.
According to its nature
 If \[pH>7\] its basic and if \[pH<7\] its acidic. China rose is indicator came from Hibiscus plant. China rose is a natural indicator. It turns an Acidic solution to dark pink / magenta colour. China rose in natural indicators. It turns Basic solution to green. And it has no change in its colour for Natural solutions.
So, the correct answer is “Option A”.

Note: Natural Indicator is a type of indicator which can be found naturally and it can determine whether the substance it is tested with is an acidic substance or a basic substance. Some common examples of natural indicators are red cabbage, turmeric, grape juice, turnip skin, curry powder, cherries, beetroots, onion, tomato, etc.