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Cell organelle found only in plants is
A. Golgi apparatus
B. Mitochondria
C. Plastid
D. Ribosomes

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Hint: Plant cell is eukaryotic cell but it is different from the animal cell due to the presence of cell wall and plastid type of subcellular organelles, which provide structural strength and perform photosynthesis process in plant respectively.

Complete answer:
Eukaryotic cell is composed of many subcellular membranes bounded structure that presents inside the cell, such as the nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, mitochondria, plastid, vacuole, centriole, ribosomes, cell cytoplasm, and many other structures that perform different functions. In-plant cell the organelle found is called plastid, these plastid structures perform the different function that depends on its origins, such as photosynthetic plastid called chloroplast and carotenoid, which perform photosynthesis in plant and other photosynthetic bacteria.
leucoplast which is the colorless organelle that acts as a store hour of starch and oil, chromoplast plastid which possesses a different kind of colour which provide different colour to the plant flower and their part.
Golgi apparatus: It is also called the Golgi complex, which performs transporting, modification, and packaging of protein and lipid molecules, and found in both types of cells plant and animal.
Mitochondria:- It is the powerhouse of the cell and it is double membrane-bounded, it performs some metabolic reaction to release the energy from the energy molecule and it is also found in animal and plant cells.
Ribosomes: It is a small structure present in both plant and animal cells, it is helpful in the protein formation process.
Hence, the correct Option is C.

Note: Chloroplast and Mitochondria are the double membranes bounded subcellular organelle which shows endosymbiosis and has its own DNA material, which helps in to increase their number by replicating itself.