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Carbohydrates are commonly found as starch in plant storage organs. Which of the following five properties of starch makes it useful as a storage material?
A) Easily translocated
B) Chemically non-reactive
C) Easily digested by animals
D) Osmotically inactive
E) Synthesized during photosynthesis
a) A, C and E
b) A and E
c) B and C
d) B and D

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Hint: Carbohydrates are defined as organic molecules that are used for storing energy. They are made up of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. They are one of the most abundant substances and are required by most of the living beings for their survival and growth.

Complete answer:
Starch is a form of carbohydrate that consists of many glucose residues joined together by the help of glycosidic bonds. It comprises two types of molecules- amylose which is linear in form and amylopectin which is branched. Most of the green plants produce glucose from photosynthesis which takes parts in various metabolic processes of the plant. The glucose that is not used up is converted to starch for storage purposes. Start unlike glucose is not soluble and therefore osmotically inactive and can be stored compactly. It is also chemically non-reactive so does not interfere with any other plant processes and thus is preferred for storage in plants.
Hence the correct answer is option is (d) B and D.
Note:The stored starch reserve can be utilised anytime by the plant. When it requires energy the starch is reconverted back to glucose which then again takes part in metabolic activities of the plant.