Question & Answer


Advantages of friction:

1. Friction helps us to walk on the ground

2. We can write on a paper or on a board due to friction

3. Friction helps in stopping a vehicle on applying the brakes.

4. It helps in generating heat when we rub our hands together

5. Asteroids burn in the atmosphere before reaching the earth due to friction and saves lives on earth. 

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Disadvantages of friction:

1. Friction produces a lot of heat in various parts of the machinery and this leads to wastage of energy as heat

2. Opposes motion, hence more energy is needed to overcome friction

3. Noise production in machines is irritating as well as leads to energy loss

4. Forest fires are caused due to friction between branches of trees

5. Lot of effort and money goes in using techniques like greasing and oiling to overcome friction and usual wear and tear caused by it