Bronze is an alloy of copper, zinc and tin.
B. False

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Hint:The alloy bronze contains primarily copper and tin but also mixed with some other metals like aluminium, manganese, nickel or zinc in order to increase its properties such as hardness, stiffness, etc.

Complete answer:
An alloy is defined as the homogenous mixture of two or more metals, or a metal and a nonmetal. It can be easily prepared by melting of primary metal followed by dissolving of the other elements in it in definite proportions. Finally, it is then cooled to room temperature. For example iron is not generally used in its pure form because pure iron is soft and can be stretched easily when it becomes hot. So, in order to make iron articles strong and hard, it is mixed with a small amount of carbon of about \[0.04\% \] . Similarly, when iron is mixed with chromium and nickel, the substance produced is hard and does not rust, and known as stainless steel. Thus, alloying of a metal is a very good method of improving the properties of a metal as properties of a metal can be changed if it is mixed with some other substance.
Some examples of alloy are as follow:

Name of alloyComposition of the alloyUses of the alloy
BrassCopper and zincIn inexpensive jewellery, hose nozzles and couplings, stamping dies.
BronzeMainly copper with zinc and tinIn manufacturing of coins and medals, heavy gears, electrical hardware
DuraluminMainly aluminium with copper, manganese and magnesiumIn automobiles and machinery
Solder metalLead and tinIn joining two metals to each other
Sterling silverMainly silver with copperIn jewelry and art objects

Thus, the correct option is A.
In order to make gold ornaments, gold is never used in its pure form for being very soft. To make gold jewelry, gold is alloyed with metal like silver or copper which makes it hard. 24 carat gold is known as pure gold and 22 carat gold means 22 parts of pure gold is alloyed with 2 parts of either silver or copper.